Designing TLmagazine’s online webplatform

Extraordinary, diverse and abundant, TLmag is a magazine that advocates for authenticity. Its biannual issues are published in both French and English and are distributed internationally. Each edition focuses on the latest developments in art, architecture, culture, design, fashion, photography, hospitality and urbanism.

A steady growth in readership made way for an online extension of the printed magazine. Cometa designed and built a full featured online magazine. Aiming for the best possible reading experience, big photography, bold typography, custom colored title pages and horizontal scrolling are the key elements in TLmagazine’s online webplatform.

Unique article title pages

Each article starts with a title page featuring beautiful full screen photography. Its headline and navigational items are custom color coded by an algorithm based on the main colors from the photography.

An intuitive magazine experience

One thing that all articles on TLmagazine have in common is beautiful photography. Combined with bold and colorful typography and intuitive horizontal scrolling, each article on TLmag has an immersive reading experience and is truly magazine worthy.

Online editions: curated collections of articles.

On the TLmag website we bundle related articles into an Online edition: a curated collection of articles. An online edition can be about an event, a person or even a material.

A poetic touch

TLmag is also featuring a series of haikus. Designers, artists and of course poets are asked to contribute a haiku which will be featured on the website. We made the sharing of a haiku on social media extra easy: it automatically generates an image of the haiku and thus preserving its formatting and design.

Light Table

To explore the rich content of TLmag we introduced an alternative search and exploration tool: the Light Table. It allows you to explore the TL content by searching by color: pick a color and it shows you all images in that color range.